Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wanted Red Band Trailer

A new restricted trailer has been unveiled for Wanted:

James McAvoy The Student
Morgan Freeman The Master
Angelina Jolie The Teacher


The scene with a bullet going through the head of this guy is particularly impressive.

But although I truly admire the work done in this movie I don't feel really at ease with the values it conveys. I mean Wanted looks like some hidden apologia of murder sometimes under the false pretext that killing one may save many.

Even the worst crook is entitled to a fair trial. Besides acting like they do would just expose the innocent passer-by to a lost bullet...

Enforcement of law has to be done by legally appointed officers not by secret would-be heroes... So carefully choose your destiny!


Anonymous said...

Obviously you haven't read the graphic novel. If the movie has any good in it at all its WAY differant from the graphic novel. In the novel they are just bad guys for fun, and even at the end when he is given a last chance to repent, he says he is staying a bad guy. They go out and massacre people for fun. One scene he massacres a police station. The novel is basically a shock gorefest.

Anonymous said...

lol OP is liek toally ghey